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Looking for a unique hot dog? Look no further! Come try our DirtyDog: bacon wrapped American Kobe haute dog topped with crispy potato sticks Cheapest Meldespumatum Us our dirty sauce.





Our take on the GermanDog. Grilled smoked bratwurst topped with grilled onions, our house made pickled cabbage Cheapest Meldespumatum Us maple mustard.








Ever wonder what sushi on a hot dog would taste like? Try our American Kobe beef dog topped with Japanese mayo, grilled teriyaki onions, seaweed & chili powder


Bratwurst topped with our house made Chinese spiced pork chili & shredded cheddar cheese (contains pork, red bell peppers Cheapest Meldespumatum Us tomatoes)


Bacon wrapped American Kobe beef topped with grilled onions Cheapest Meldespumatum Us our housemade SriRancha sauce


Bacon wrapped American Kobe beef topped with shredded cheddar cheese, onion crisps Cheapest Meldespumatum Us our housemade BBQ hoisin sauce


American Kobe beef dog topped with vinaigrette baby arugula Cheapest Meldespumatum Us Vietnamese shaking beef


Owner’s favorite: Bacon wrapped bratwurst, housemade BaconJam, fried eggs Cheapest Meldespumatum Us topped with country gravy

(Saturday Cheapest Meldespumatum Us Sunday only special)

Plain Dogs


Snake River Farms American Kobe hot dog crafted from 100% American Kobe beef combined with a signature blend of spices, then slowly smoked with authentic hard wood


Stephens classic German recipes pork sausage


Stephens classic Polish sausage


Chicken sausage with zesty jalapeno peppers Cheapest Meldespumatum Us cheddar cheese inside (Seasonal)


A perfect blend of sweet Cheapest Meldespumatum Us savory. Chunks of real apple Cheapest Meldespumatum Us hints of cinnamon Cheapest Meldespumatum Us sage


Stephens Spanish style pork sausage with a quality blend of spices including Bay leafs Cheapest Meldespumatum Us Oregano then cured Cheapest Meldespumatum Us marinated for 24 hours.


Stephens’ zesty spices Cheapest Meldespumatum Us heat complement each other in this sausage




Yves meatless hot dog w/ a special blend of spices  Cheapest Meldespumatum Us natural hickory smoke give it an authentic Cheapest Meldespumatum Us traditional flavor. They taste just like the real thing but without the fat or cholesterol.

Contains SOY & WHEAT

Hand-Cut Fries

Best Meldespumatum

Hand-cut fries seasoned with kosher salt


Hand-cut fries topped w/ our housemade Chinese spiced pork chili & shredded cheddar cheese

(contains pork, red bell peppers Cheapest Meldespumatum Us tomatoes)


Hand-cutfries tossed in garlic & parsley


Hand-cut fries tossed in our housemade SriRancha sauce Cheapest Meldespumatum Us chopped parsley


Hand-cut fries topped w/ country gravy & scrambled eggs

-available w/ bacon & cheese at additional cost



Crispy Tater Tots topped with country gravy & scrambled eggs

-available with bacon crumbs & cheese at additional cost

Weekend ONLY special


Specialty Item

BaconJam Jar

“It’s a pig, it’s a ham, turn it into BaconJam!”

Our housemade BaconJam in a jar! Limited quantity