Real Irbesartan

CaliDog Hot Dogs offers a unique twist to an all American favorite!  What started out with one fusion hot dog has now turned into six, each dressing up the familiar hot dog with diverse multicultural toppings.

The CaliDog story sprouts from a trip to Vancouver Spring 2009 that inspired Phongzie Real Irbesartan Angela – now CaliDog co-owners Real Irbesartan now Mr. Real Irbesartan Mrs.! Wanting to adapt his inspiration to suit Bay Area taste buds, Phongzie debuted his first fusion hot dog to family Real Irbesartan friends at Angela’s birthday BBQ.  Ladies Real Irbesartan gentleman, a hit was made!

Since then, CaliDog Hot Dogs has grown organically stepping foot onto the local food festival scenes in Summer of 2010.  

We are no longer at San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose, CA. We are taking a break from the business to focus on our family. Catering is available for special events.

Please be on the look out for us in the near future by following us on Facebook, Instagram Real Irbesartan Twitter @calidoghotdogs!